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August 15th is the first National Ecological Day. In order to learn,promote and implement the concept of ecological civilization, raise the awareness of ecological civilization throughout society, enhance the ideological and behavioral awareness of the entire people in ecological and environmental protection, judges from the Shanghai Maritime Court went to Xijiagang Fishery Village in Chenjia Town, Chongming District to promote legal education, introduced ecological protection policies to fishermen, clarified legal responsibilities for illegal fishing, and distributed  the "Q&A on Fisherman Related Disputes", extending the tentacles of maritime justice to the end of social governance in island fishing villages and industries.

They also traveled to Xuancheng City, Wuhu City, Tongling City, and other cities in Anhui Province to inquire with relevant administrative authorities about the damage consequences and governance measures caused by illegal sand mining activities in the river, laying the foundation for the trial of such cases.(Translated by SunYaNan