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On July 26, Shanghai Maritime Court held a mid-2023 work conference, conveying the spirit of studying and implementing the National Justices' Seminar, the city wide Court Presidents' Symposium, and the Shanghai Courts' "Digital Court" Construction Promotion Meeting. The conference summarized the work of the first half of the year and deployed tasks for the second half of the year. Party Secretary and President Wang Tong summarized the achievements of the first half of the year and made arrangements for the key work in the second half of the year. Firstly, based on the overall development situation of the country and Shanghai, we should prioritize the development direction of the maritime court; Secondly, we should base ourselves on the strategy of high-quality maritime trials and closely focus on the main responsibility of case; Thirdly, we must base ourselves on digital reform and innovation to enhance the level of high-quality development; The fourth is to build a professional talent team and consolidate the foundation for the development of maritime courts. Member of the Party group and Vice President Hu Yongqing presided over the conference. Shen Yingming, a member of the Party group and director of the Political Department, conveyed the spirit of the relevant meetings. All staff members from Shanghai Maritime Court participated.