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In order to give full play to the demonstration and leading role of typical cases, on June 7, the Supreme People’s Court released 10 typical cases of national maritime trials in 2021, and two cases of Shanghai Maritime Court were selected. TAO Moumou Dissatisfied with the Administrative Penalty Decision and Reconsideration Decision of Shanghai Baoshan District Water Authority and Shanghai Baoshan District Peoples Government is the first maritime administrative penalty case involving illegal sand mining in the Yangtze River protection after the implementation of the Yangtze River Protection Law on March 1, 2021. “ORIENTAL PRIME SHIPPING CO., LIMITED and HONG GLORY INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING COMPANY LIMITED Application for Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards” is a typical case in which the Shanghai Maritime Court has accurately applied the New York Convention and supported the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in China.