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SPC vows to promote Civil Code implementation

The Supreme People’s Court (SPC) held a meeting on June 5 on promoting the implementation of the Civil Code which will come into force on Jan 1, 2021.

He Rong, vice-president of the SPC, presented the meeting and asked to fully understand responsibilities when the Civil Code is implemented and ensure it to comes into force smoothly and effectively.

The SPC should properly implement the Civil Code to bring justice to the people, promote judicial reform, and improve the theoretical system of socialism rule of law and judicial system with Chinese characteristics.

Committing to a people-centered approach, the top court should continuously improve the quality of civil trials and judicial credibility, according to the meeting. They are also asked to understand the legislative spirit of the Civil Code, strengthen the concept of justice for people, further safeguard the judicial system, try civil cases in accordance with the law, and strengthen construction of one-stop diversified dispute resolution mechanism and the litigant service system.

At the same time, the court should improve judicial supervision, management and research to figure out and fix deep-rooted problems which curb the development of civil trial work so as to enhance their quality and efficiency.

The SPC should guide courts at all levels nationwide to popularize the Civil Code to the public through open hearings, interpreting judgment documents, releasing typical cases and school publicity.

It also should clear up unneeded judicial interpretations related to the Civil Code and formulate new ones.

The courts around the country should organize training in the Civil Code for their personnel so that they learn its new concepts and spirit and improve the courts’ ability to safeguard people’s interests and rights, resolved disputes and promote social harmony and stability.