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Court issued Shanghai Maritime Court Report on Trials Involving Shipbuilding Industry


On the morning of May 25, the Shanghai Maritime Court held a press conference to provide a Report on Trials Involving Shipbuilding Industry. The Report adopts bilingual form in both Chinese and English. It systematically sorts out the work situation of Shanghai Maritime Court in recent years in servicing and guaranteeing the development of the ship industry, summarizes the mechanisms and measures formed in the adjudication work, puts forward suggestions, and selects ten typical cases. Starting from the actual trial work, the Report informs the social industry about the development of the shipbuilding industry in the service of the Shanghai Maritime Court with detailed information and in-depth analysis. Representatives of Shanghai Shipbuilding Industry Association, shipbuilding enterprises and media reporters attended the press conference.


The Report selects ten representative maritime cases to reflect the new situations and problems that have emerged in recent years in cases such as ship design, ship construction, product quality of special items for ship engineering, ship financing, ship insurance, and ship ownership under construction. With clear and unified judicial adjudication standards, standardize and guide the behavior of relevant subjects of the shipbuilding industry, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the shipbuilding industry.


Based on trial practice and combined with typical cases, the Report also puts forward relevant suggestions, such as the need to strengthen the risk management of accounts receivable when repairing foreign ships by Chinese shipping companies, insufficient risk considerations when signing ship construction contracts, and shipbuilding contracts. The supervision of the use of financing funds should be further improved, and the contents of the ship construction insurance clauses are relatively simple, which may cause major disputes, etc., to provide opinions and suggestions to the administrative authorities, industry associations, and enterprises in all links of the ship industry chain, so as to improve the relevant institutions and enterprises. Provide reference for business management.(Translated by Bao Haiyue)