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In Depth Investigation of Port and Shipping Units to Ensure Stable and Long-term Development of Enterprises


In order to fully understand the legal risks of enterprises in their operations and provide services to ensure the resumption of work, Shanghai Maritime Court has conducted in-depth investigations on port and shipping units to assist the recovery and development of the shipping economy at the judicial level.

For a long time, the problem that ports cannot deliver goods has plagued port companies. These undeliverable goods occupy the port site, generate storage costs, and trigger a large number of legal issues, including: finding litigants, determining the cause of the case, and analyzing the basis of the claim. Judges of the maritime commerce division and the case filing division went to Shanghai International Port Co., Ltd. to investigate these issues and provide feasible judicial advices.

Affected by the epidemic, although the Changxing Island ship-repairing and building enterprises have fully resumed work, they still face business problems such as ship-repairing ship owners abandoning ships and ship-specific structural parts being abandoned by the orderers. The Changxing Island detached division and the Free Trade Zone division jointly visited the Shanghai Changxing Island base of COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. The Changxing Island division also visited large enterprises in the jurisdiction such as Jiangnan Shipyard (Group) Co., Ltd. and Huarun Dadong Dockyard Co., Ltd. They investigated maritime judicial needs of enterprises affected by the epidemic in terms of production and operation, legal risk control, etc. and provided better judicial service guarantees for the construction of the Changxing Island ship industry base and the Free Trade Zone.

The border port and shipping branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau was established in May this year, which plays an important role in ensuring the safety of international cruise ships, marine passenger transport traffic, coastal ship navigation, and enterprise stability risk prevention. The trial and supervision division visited and learned about the administrative functions of the sub-bureau, scope and law application of the administrative case concerning maritime affairs, and discussed on the practice of maritime administrative law enforcement .Translated by Cai JianLiu JunyiTeng Le