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Two Judgement Documents and One Court Trial of Shanghai Maritime Court were Selected into the

Second Term National Courts’ “100 Excellent Judgement Documents " and "100 Excellent Court Trials "


In the selection of the second term national courts’ “100 Excellent Judgement Documents" and "100 Excellent Court Trials" organized by Supreme People's Court, the civil judgment (2016) H72MC No.2336 (presiding judge Xie Chen, judge Xie Zhenxian, judge Li Haiyue, clerk Guo Can) and the civil judgment (2017) H72 MC No.2381 (presiding judge Xie Zhenxian, judge Yang Chan, people's juror Zhang Yi, clerk He Yu) were selected as "100 Excellent Judgement Documents"; the court trial of2018H72 MC No.4118 (presiding judge Ni Yong, judge Shan Dan, judge Zhu Xialing, clerk He Zikang) was selected as "100 Excellent Court Trials ".


In this election, the people's courts at all levels recommended 491 judgement documents and 634 court trials for participation. After rigorous selection, the Shanghai courts have 6 judgement documents and 7 court trials, including 2 judgement documents and 1 court trial of Shanghai Maritime Court, which is also the only maritime court in China with judgment documents and court trials selected. Translated by Sun Yanan