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Selected Excellent Cases of Shanghai Maritime Court in Chinese and English are published


Recently, Selected Excellent Cases of Shanghai Maritime Court (hereinafter referred to as "Selected Excellent Cases") in Chinese and English compiled by Shanghai Maritime Court has been officially published. This is one of the important achievements of Shanghai Maritime Court to implement the strategy of maritime trial.


In recent years, Shanghai Maritime Court has attached great importance to the trial of excellent cases, enhanced the refinement of judgment rules and judicial experience, established a set of building mechanism from discovery, trial to refinement and promotion, and formed a large number of typical cases with reference value. The compilation and publication of Selected Excellent Cases is not only a periodical summary of the achievements of the previous maritime trial of Shanghai Maritime Court, but also a concentrated display of the frontier development of the current maritime trial. It is hoped that this will provide reference for the handling of cases by maritime judges and provide guidance for the social sectors.


Selected Excellent Cases are the assembly of part excellent cases of the Shanghai Maritime Court since 2012, including classic cases from a variety of sources such like the guiding cases selected by the Supreme People’s Court, the Top 10 Typical Case of China’s Maritime Trials, the Selected Cases of the People’s Court, the excellent cases of the Higher People’s Court of Shanghai, covering the main action types of marine trials. Meanwhile, Selected Excellent Cases are presented in both Chinese and English with the wish to improve understanding of China’s maritime adjudication work among international society.