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Shanghai Maritime Court Held Mid-2019 Working Conference

On July 19th 2019, Shanghai Maritime Court held the mid-2019 conference to convey the spirit of the National Forum on the President of the High Court, National Conference on Civil and Commercial Trials, the 27th Maritime Trail Seminar and certain meetings of the Shanghai High Court, to summarize the working of the first half year and to deploy the one of the second half year. Party members and higher officials attended the conference.


Head of Case Filing Tribunal, Maritime Tribunal, Free Trade Zone Tribunal, Executive Board and Office of General affairs made statements on the promoting of the level of litigation service, creating excellent maritime cases, serving for new area construction of FTZ, perfecting maritime execution mechanism, promoting the construction of intelligent Court.


Party members put forward specific requirements for the working they are responsible for.


Wang Tong, Party Secretary and President of Shanghai Maritime Court, pointed that under the strong leadership of the Municipal Committee and the Municipal High Court, with the strive of the whole court, Shanghai Maritime Court centered on the four central tasks of Shanghai courts and main points of the annual work, carried forward the task of first half year in a solid and orderly manner and achieved half work in half time laying the foundation for the achievement of whole year’s working.

Translated by GuShuangjie)