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Shanghai Maritime Court conducts a special study on the informatization work to promote the “Smart Maritime Court” construction with full strength


Recently, Shanghai Maritime Court’s Party Leadership Group held a special meeting to hear the informatization work report and conduct a study on the “Smart Maritime Court” construction.


The meeting was presided over by Party Leadership Group Secretary and President Wang Tong of the maritime court, who put forward his requirements. The attendees also included the other members of the party leadership group, the other leaders at the director-general level and the persons in charge of the relevant divisions. In its report, the General Office updated the attendees on the informatization work, including the development of the Intelligent Case-Handling Assistance for Maritime Cases System and the construction of the Ship Big Date Platform.


President Wang Tong pointed out that the construction of the "Smart Maritime Court" is an important part of improving the quality of maritime trials, facilitating maritime litigation and maritime trials and management, and promoting the leaping development of maritime courts.



At present, in Wang’s view, the court must concentrate on four issues    when it comes to strengthening the “Smart Maritime Court” construction.


Firstly, the staff must deepen their ideological understanding and make every effort to promote the construction project to bear fruit. It is necessary to fully understand the importance of the "Smart Maritime Court" construction and fully promote the objectives and tasks of the "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the ‘Smart Maritime Court (Shanghai) Practice Base’ Construction" by the Maritime Court. To carry out the pilot project for the “Smart Maritime Court” construction handed over by the Supreme Court, it is necessary to overcome difficulties, increase efforts, and go all out to do a good job in project research and development.


Secondly, the staff must enhance the sense of work urgency and seize the time to complete project research and development. The "Smart Maritime Court" has a tight construction time and heavy tasks. It is necessary to meet the requirements of time, make a good overall plan, come up with various measures respectively according to the classification, and to promote the implementation of each and every task one by one. For the projects being developed, it is necessary to hurry up and complete the test and go online soon. For the projects to be developed, it is necessary to conduct demand research and put them on the R&D agenda as soon as possible. For the projects developed, it is necessary to strengthen the   application management and constantly update and improve them.


Thirdly, the staff must highlight the application focus and ensure the projects to be practical as well as effective. The staff must closely focus on four “well” goals, i.e., handling cases well, doing services well, carrying out reforms well and doing team building well. The court must be problem oriented, need oriented and effect oriented, follow the maritime judicial rules, and prioritize the development of urgent, practical and useful projects, so as to make the results of the informatization construction truly replace duplication of labor, assist judges in handling cases, facilitate litigation of litigants, and enhance the quality of case handling.


Fourthly, it is necessary to strengthen coordination and docking and form a joint force for the "Smart Maritime Court" construction. It is necessary to set up a research and development team, strengthen communication and cooperation between frontline judges and technical personnel, and achieve effective docking of maritime trial needs and information technologies. It is necessary to actively seek support from the superiors, strengthen communication and coordination with the relevant authorities, form a joint effort in the informatization work, and jointly promote new progress and achieve new results in the "Smart Maritime Court" construction.