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Shanghai Maritime Court opened “Maritime Lecture Hall” to improve the level of team development


RecentlyShanghai Maritime Court held the “Maritime Lecture Hall” for the first time. Zhao Hong, the president of the Maritime Court, presided over the lecture and Professor Fu Tingzhong from Tsinghua University was invited to present a lecture entitled The System and Application of Maritime Lien.


In order to adapt to the new situation and new mission of the court’s reform and development, improve standardization, specialization and professionalization of the Maritime Court, Shanghai Maritime Court has strengthened the planning of the team construction, and has continued to promote education and training in all aspects.


Based on the integration and expansion of the original education and training resources, Shanghai Maritime Court opened a new type of maritime judicial training project named “Maritime Lecture Hall”  to improve the level of the development of team the maritime court.


Sticking to the problem-oriented and demand-oriented principle with the core of ideological and political education and the main line of the judicial capacity construction, “Maritime Lecture Hall” will invite well-known experts and scholars in relevant fields and senior judges of the court system to give lectures to court members regularly. The training contents which include party building, situation policy, law theory, trial practice, mass work, judicial etiquette, information application, emotional management and so on,are aim to improving the ideological and political quality, the trial business quality and the professional moral quality of court members, and promoting the formation of a more innovative work concept, a more active attitude and a more solid work style, so as to provide a strong and powerful support of human resource for the work of the Maritime Court.


At the beginning ceremony of the “Maritime Lecture Hall”President Zhao Hong stressed that we should put cases handling and demand of Maritime specialization team building in the first place, innovate the idea of education training, improve the quality of education and training and enhance the competence of team the maritime court. By expanding the diversified education and training platform with characteristics of the Maritime Court, like “Maritime Lecture Hall”, actively, guiding court members practice the socialist concept of the rule of law consciously, constructing a system of knowledge and competence that meets the actual conditions of judicial work, conforms to the requirements of the situation and meets the trend of contemporary innovation actively, Shanghai Maritime Court makes the great effort to build a high-quality team with firm political minds, business skills, excellent style, honest attitude, which stands at the forefront of international maritime judicial theory and practice and devotes their lives to the socialist maritime judicial career with Chinese characteristics.