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Judicial translator team promotes bigger say on global stage


Shanghai Maritime Court established a judicial translator team, aiming at having a bigger say in global judicial disputes and fostering judicial talents with a global vision.

"Establishing a professional translator team for maritime judiciary centers is a goal for building a global maritime judicial center,” said Zhao Hong, president of the Shanghai Maritime Court.

"It is aiming to serve a maritime powerhouse and laying a solid foundation for China's Belt and Road initiative," Zhao said.

The translator team is reported to consist of 21 members, all of whom are young judges and judge assistants with an average age of 29. All members hold master degrees and above.

Aside from English, some judges on the team are also fluent in Japanese and French, among other languages.

The team, upon its establishment, is responsible for collecting and translating foreign-related cases, new trends in the global shipping market, and new ideas in the global maritime judiciary.

It opens the horizon of maritime judges and introduces China's ideas and experience in maritime judiciary to the global community.

The team has published 37 typical cases and 168 pieces of news, abstract cases and litigation on the English version of the Shanghai Maritime Court official website so far.