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Judges of Shanghai Maritime Court Boarded to Provide Legal Services for Nearly 100 Foreign Crew Members


Due to unpaid wages of the ship owner , more than 150 Chinese and foreign crew members who worked in the Bahamian cruise ship “GLORY SEAhave applied to the Shanghai maritime court for arresting the ship. In order to fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of the crew members. According to the application of Chinese crew members, the Shanghai maritime court arrested the ship immediately, while the foreign crew members were handling the identity authentication materials. On March 14, Judges of the Shanghai maritime court boarded again to provide legal services for nearly 100 foreign crew members. The applications for arresting the ship and the authorizations to the attorney were signed by the crew members in front of the judges. Not only to avoid the inconvenience in leaving the ship by the crew members, but also to accelerate the pace of registering so that the crew members can return home as soon as possible.